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 This NOTICE is for the citizens in Grant Parish about Consolidated Gas Utility District of Grant Parish (CGUD) which has natural gas pipelines distributed over a large portion of rural Grant Parish. CGUD is comprised of three (3) gas districts. The general areas of service are as follows: A. Gas Utility District #3  1. Pipelines are located from east of Pollock (Fishville/Hudson Road/Lynn Lake Road area) to Hwy 3169 just east of Colfax. They also extend north through the Williana area and south to Grays Creek Road and Hudson Creek Road. 2. This area has a regulator/odorant station located on Hardwater Lake Road and another regulator/odorant station located on Hwy 1241 near South Grant Elementary School. B. Gas Utility District #4 1. Serves the area east of Montgomery to east/northeast of Verda, south to edge of Colfax, and northeast from Colfax to Iatt Lake.  2. This area has regulator /odorant stations on Hwy 122 east of Hargis, on Summerfield Road near Summerfield Church, on Hwy. 1240 near intersection with Baudry Road, and on Lemoine Cutoff Road north of Hwy 71.  C. Gas Utility District #5 1. Serves northeast Grant Parish in the Needmore, Lincecum, & Big Rock areas. 2. These areas have regulators/odorant stations near Georgetown east of Hwy 165/north of Buck Grandstaff Road, on Fred Scott Road off Camp Hardtner Road, and on Jr. Rambo Road off of Lincecum Church Road. II. CGUD maintains a warehouse at 3339 Grays Creek Road. III. In general, CGUD does not serve customers inside the incorporated limits of the towns of Georgetown, Montgomery, Pollock, Dry Prong, or Colfax. There are a few areas in the East edge of Colfax and the North edge of Pollock that have been incorporated since the gas lines were installed.  IV. The above mentioned “odorant” stations add the “rotten egg” odor to the gas. This procedure is absolutely necessary for public safety. Natural gas is considered odorless and is colorless, tasteless, lighter than air and can ignite and/or explode with tremendous force when mixed with the right amount of air and a source of ignition. Therefore SPOTLEAK 1009 is added so the presence of gas can be detected.  V. If you detect the odor of gas, an unusual sound, or unusual vegetation browning near our gas line, please take the following steps: A. Call the gas company of the Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office. To make the call, go away (upwind) from the possible gas leak. Use a neighbor’s phone or a cell phone that is not affected in any way by the gas and/or its odor. B. If the odor is strong and you are indoors, everyone go outside. Stay outside, up wind and away from the building and of any “gas” odor.  C. Do not turn any electrical switches on or off, do not use any phone in or connected to the affected area, and do not ring door bells. D. Do not light matches, smoke, start engines or create any other source of combustion. E. DO NOT turn off stoves, etc. EXIT the building immediately. F. If feasible, do turn of the gas supply to the affected building. Use an outside cut-off valve.  VI. Be aware that the customer is totally responsible for servicing and maintaining his/her gas lines from the gas meter to place of use of the gas. This service/maintenance is to be accordance to general Pipeline Safety rules and regulations. We will respond to calls of gas leaks and/or gas odor.  VII. It is STATE LAW TO NOTIFY LOUISIANA ONE CALL (DIAL 811) before you excavate (dig below soil surface) or use explosives. Louisiana One Call will notify all utilities in your area including CGUD. This service is provided at no cost to you. This notification must be made two full business days before excavation begins. The two business days begin at 7:00 A.M. the day after your call.          Know     what’s below. Call   before you dig.         VII. Anytime you suspect a gas leak in your area, please call 318.627.3333 (during office hours.) After office hours, call 318.627.3261 (Sheriff’s Office) or 911.                

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